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2/22/13 - New Dam EAP Plans posted along wih new lake depth PDFs.

1/30/13 - Special Winter Golf Rates with a cart are in effect anytime. See the rates here. Grab your clubs and let's play golf!

1/25/13 - Proposed FY13 Budget Presentation at the Community Center on Saturday, January 26 at 10am.

12/31/12 - Clubhouse Agreement Statement

11/30/12 - Wilderness Battlefield Study and Wilderness Battlefield Press Release. Both are PDFs.

11/20/12 - Proposed FY2013 Budget. It can be found on the Administration page.

10/30/12 - FY13 Approved Budget Guidelines have been added to the Finance Committee page or access here.

9/14/12 - Resolution 2012-13 Relating to Collections of Assessments, approved at August 15 Board Meeting.

9/6/12 - See the Planning Committee Summary and Appendices for the 2013-2017 New Capital Requests.

8/16/12 - Annual Meeting of the Membership at 10am in the Community Center. Last time to cast your ballot for new Board of Directors.

8/13/12 - Front Entrance Project finishing by Artscapes and flagpole quote

8/1/12 - Lakes Management Plan (DRAFT) from WEG. It is 14MB.

7/27/12 - Added new forms to Forms page: Request for Association Disclosure and Tenant Checkout Form.

7/26/12 - New WEG documents have been added to the Lakes page.

6/21/12 - Updated EAPs for Main Dam and Keaton's Dam.

6/21/12 - Board passed Resolution 2012-10 to charge fees for copying documents. See it here.

4/16/12 - WEG has two new reports: Keaton's Lake Restoration Plan and the Appendices

1/9/12 - The Final Report from the Fareways Working Group

1/5/12 - Letter from LOWA General Manager Phil Rodenberg to DEQ Daniel Burstein regarding lake.

12/9/11 - 2011 Golf Course Irrigation Assessment as presented at the Board Workshop in November.


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