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Trash Disposal - Trash may be deposited at the compactor located on Shoosmith Road (off Lakeview Parkway near the spillway at the dam on the main lake). The trash compactor is the only trash collection service offered by Orange County and requires residents to take their trash to the Shoosmith Road site.

Hours of operation are:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday:
    7:30am - 7pm

  • Saturday : 8am - 5pm

  • Sunday: 9am - 5pm

  • Wednesday: Closed

Closed holidays

Other holidays that the compactor will be closed will be announced later.

The area is closed (gated) during all other hours.

The following items may NOT be placed in the trash compactor:

  • Appliances (refer to Recycling section on this page)
  • Hazardous waste (including motor oil - refer to Recycling section on this page)
  • Commercial trash
  • No metal, no furniture

Yard waste MAY be deposited in the trash compactor if it is in a bag.


Why Recycle?

  1. If all newspapers were recycled 500,000 trees would be saved each week.
  2. Recycling saves space in our landfill. The average American throws away four pounds of garbage each day. By recycling, it is possible to decrease the amount of waste we produce.

Where to Recycle - The following items may be recycled in the specially marked containers near the trash compactor at Shoosmith Road at LOW:

What to Recycle
How to Recycle
Do NOT Recycle
Glass Food and beverage containers Separate by color. Remove lids and rinse. Window glass, dishes or light bulbs

All plastics #1 and #2 can be recycled. Not just milk jugs and water bottles. Color does NOT matter.

Discard caps, rinse and flatten Caps, wraps, grocery bags (may be recycled at grocery stores) or plastics numbered 3-7
Aluminum and Metal Cans Food and beverage cans Empty, rinse and flatten Aluminum foil, pie plates, paint or hazardous material cans
Boxes, cartons and packing contains (corrugated). No paperboard (cereal, cracker boxes etc.) Remove contents, staples and flatten Staples or plastic packaging.
Newspaper Newspapers (including inserts) Place loose in bin Telephone books, catalogs, cardboard or other paper products

Used motor oil may be recycled at the Maintenance Center near the Golf Course on Fairway Drive. There is a sign by the gate indicating where to deposit used motor oil. It is accepted on Fridays from 7am until 3pm.

What to Recycle
How to Recycle
Do NOT Recycle
Motor Oil Motor Vehicle Oil Leave containers with used oil by the gate at any hour. Maintenace will pick them up during hours of operation.  

The following items may only be recycled at the Recycling Center at the Orange County Landfill, 11530 Porter Road. Hours noted below. Telephone number: 540-672-9315.

What to Recycle
How to Recycle
Do NOT Recycle
Antifreeze Motor Vehicle Coolant Pour into Recycling container Dispose of container in trash
Appliances Refrigerators, freezers, stoves, washers, dryers and air conditioners Take the refrigerator and freezer doors off the hinges.
Can be recycled only during landfill hours: 8am-4pm,
Mon-Fri and
8am-3:30pm Sat
Automotive Batteries Lead Acid Batteries Disconnect wires Household batteries
Tires Passenger vehicle tires The landfill will accept 4 tires off the rim free of charge Bicycle, large truck or tractor tries
Newspaper newspapers (including inserts) Place loose in bin Telephone books, catalogs, or other paper products in paper bin

Trash Pickup - People who do not want or cannot take their trash to the Shoosmith site can contract with a private firm which will pick up residents' trash on a once per week basis.A private trash hauling service is available to LOW residents who wish to use such services. LOW residents may contact the service provider, which has an exclusive contract with LOWA, Inc., to provide LOW residents with trash hauling services which meet Association performance criteria. Contact the Administration Office for details on this service provider


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