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Of the 4257 lots, 727 are on the main lake. Over 3500 homes have been built and more are under construction. Building plans and specifications are governed by LOWA's Restrictive Covenants. For sale or rent signs are barred, although wooden stakes giving phone numbers may be displayed.

Anyone interested in visiting property for sale at LOW must be accompanied by a licensed real estate agent or be a guest of a tenant or property owner. Members of the Board and employees of the Administration office will not discuss property purchases with prospective buyers; such discussions must take place between the buyer and a real estate agent.

Disclosure Packets are available, in accordance with the Commonwealth of Virginia Property Owners Association Act, to an owner or his authorized agent within fourteen days after receipt of a written request therefor and receipt of the appropriate fee. Included in the disclosure packet are:

  • the name of the association and the name and address of the registered agent
  • a statement of any capital expenditure anticipated by Lake of the Woods Association within the current year
  • a statement, including the amount of all assessments and any other mandatory fees or charges currently imposed by Lake of the Woods Association, Inc. applicable to the lot being purchased, the right of use of common areas, and the status of the account
  • a statement whether there is any other entity or facility to which the lot owner may be liable for fees or other charges
  • a statement or any reserve or replacement fund and any portion of the fund allocated by the Board of Directors for a specified project; a copy of the Lake of the Woods Association, Inc. current budget
  • a statement of the nature of any pending law suit
  • a statement setting forth all insurance coverage
  • a statement as to whether any notice has been given to the seller that any improvement or alteration made to the lot is in violation of any of the governing documents of the Association
  • a statement setting forth the restriction on the right of a lot owner to place a sign advertising the lot for sale
  • a copy of the current restrictive covenants, articles of incorporation, bylaws, and regulations promulgated by the Association.

Non-property owners of LOW who have questions about Lake of the Woods must contact a real estate agent. The LOW Administration office does not accept calls regarding acquisition of property. No response will be made to email sent by non-property owners to the LOW webmaster or Administration office.

The web site for the Fredricksburg Area Association of Realtors contains a list of real estate agencies in the area that are members of that agency. Please contact the agency of your choice to discuss visiting LOW.




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