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Snow Removal: The objective of the snow and ice removal effort is to provide reasonably clear road conditions before, during, and after a winter storm.  

The Maintenance Department uses a combination of heavy to light trucks equipped with snow blades and salt/sand spreaders. Heavy equipment such as rubber tire loaders and backhoes are also used. When a snow event is eminent the Maintenance Department staff is placed on 12-hour shifts of 7am – 7pm (day crew) and 7pm – 7am (night crew). The snow removal crews follow an established set of priorities for plowing, salting and sanding and they are:

1.  LOWA main gate
2.  LOWA Fire and Rescue
3.  Lakeview Parkway and the rear entrance
4. The procedure for the remaining roads is: LOW roads are broken into two areas, inside Lakeview Parkway (lake side) and outside Lakeview Parkway. Our starting point is Lake of the Woods Parkway working clockwise around the lake. Once the process begins starting points may vary by location due to crew changeover. All roads will be plowed at least two plow widths during the storm. Cul-de-sacs will be plowed in and out but no cleaning until the storm is over. Dead-end streets are not plowed during the hours of darkness unless an emergency exists. This is due to the hazard of backing the snowplows down the road and the multiple driveways at the end of the road leaving the driver with no place to push the snow.
5.  Parking lots. (Parking lots for Association offices and facilities, which will open for business, have priority.)
6.  Mailbox stations and trash compactor site.

*Priorities for application of salt and sand are:
     Main Entrance
     Hills, curves, and intersections on Lakeview Parkway
     Hills, curves, and intersections on secondary roads
     Lakeview Parkway
     Parking lots
     Mail stations 

*Once the snow storm is over and all roads have been plowed the procedure of widening and cleanup begins. This procedure consists of ensuring all snow is removed from the road surface and onto the shoulder. This process is necessary to ensure the snow melt runs into the roadside ditches instead of onto the roads where it can become black ice presenting a hazard to drivers.  

*There is no way to plow the roads without causing the pushed snow and ice to get into your driveway. Those folks that like to get an early start might want to wait until your street has been plowed and widened before cleaning off your driveway. Also, you should shovel your driveway snow at the street edge to the right side of your driveway when facing the road. This way when the plow comes by to plow or to widen the already plowed road, you will receive minimal throwback onto the driveway. You should also remember to avoid parking your vehicles on the side of the roadway, this only impedes and slows the process of snow removal.


The Roads and Maintenance Department of the Lake of the Woods Association, Inc. is the primary resource for repair, replacement, and maintenance of all community owned and managed properties and structures. To accomplish this task the department employs approximately 25 full and part time staff members in the following departments:

Headquarters - AGM Facilities Manager 972-2254
Roads & Maintenance - Foreman 972-2220
Building Maintenance - Foreman 972-2224
Equipment Maintenance - Foreman 972-2226
Grounds Maintenance - Foreman 972-2501
Lakes Manager 972-5548
Erosion Inspector 972-2220



The department maintains an immense list of tasks associated with the Lakes, storm water management, watershed management, dredging, asphalting, surface treating, ditch maintenance, tree trimming, leaf removal, painting, repairs, roof replacement, pool maintenance, etc.

The Maintenance Staff are your emergency response team. During snow and ice events the staff is in place to begin operations as soon as the snow hits the road.

In addition to on-site staff the department contracts a large amount of specialty work associated with alarms, security, grease removal/pipe cleaning, carpet cleaning, fire suppression systems, kitchen equipment maintenance, and large replacement projects.


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