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2013-1 Service Dogs 2013-1 Lot Owner Records Retention  
2012-11 2012-16 2012-1 Derecho
2012-10 2012-15  
2012-9 Animals 2012-14 Trust  
2012-8 Pools 2012-13 Collections (replaces 2012-1)  
2012-7 Tennis Courts 2012-12 Complaint Procedure  
2012-6 2012-11 Computer Security  
2012-5 2012-10 Schedule of charges for copies  
2012-4 2012-9 Grant  
2012-3 2012-8 Reserve Fund  
2012-2 2012-7 Facilities  
2012-1 Property 2012-6 Memorials  
  2012-5 Records Retention  
  2012-4 Financial Report  
  2012-3 Dir of Finance authority  
  2012-2 Assessment collection  
  2012-1 Assessment payments (replaced by 2012-13)  


Vision Statement

The Vision of the Lake of the Woods Association is to be a recreation-oriented, private community of single family, owner-occupied homes with neighbors working together to promote a friendly, healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing community and to provide a high quality of life. We envision a neighborhood that is considered by residents and non-residents alike to be a desirable place in which to live and enjoy the benefits of family, friends, and community.


Mission Statement

The Mission of the Lake of the Woods Association is to enhance the quality of life in the community through effective cost management of the common areas and amenities and to preserve and enhance property values. The Association accomplishes its mission through the development and management of recreational amenities, security services, and the maintenance of Association-owned property.

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