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Fitness at Lake of the Woods

 I. Fitness Center History:

The Fitness Center (FC) was established in 2005, when fitness equipment offered for loan by Germanna Community College, was accepted and approved by the LOWA Board of Directors. After moving twice to accommodate other important Community endeavors, in the spring of 2006, the FC became permanently housed within part of the building known as the Clubhouse Pool Complex, which is adjacent to the LOWA Clubhouse, Beach and Main Lake.

After a FC member meeting in the fall of 2006, several members volunteered and worked with the LOWA Maintenance staff to clean, paint, and rearrange the fitness equipment within the FC area, providing more room for exercising and workouts. Meanwhile, the recently renamed Swimming Pools and Fitness Center Committee (SP and FC Committee) members and a FC member, worked with LOWA management to acquire two new pieces of fitness equipment, and had the motor replaced in the only treadmill.

Since the fall of 2006, many pieces of Germanna Community College's old fitness equipment have been replaced or added to, with new state-of-the-art fitness equipment, within LOWA budget guidelines. These fitness equipment upgrades are providing different ways for LOW community members of all ages, to exercise, to reach their fitness level goals. LOWA now owns about 70% of the fitness equipment in the FC.

Using the Fitness Center:

Only LOW Community members and their household family members, may join and use this year round not staffed amenity (thus guests of members are not permitted to use the Fitness Center), by completing and signing the LOWA Annual Fitness Center Waiver Agreement and Amenity Form for the current fiscal year (May 1 thru April 30), and paying the annual FC amenity usage fee. When this is done, the number lock code is then provided to the family member who paid the FC fee, and signed the above form.

Each morning at 5am, the Community’s Security staff is scheduled to unlock the Fitness Center access door to open this not staffed amenity, and scheduled to relock it at the 11pm closing time. When unlocked, authorized Fitness Center members gain access to the FC through this door via a number lock mechanism, using the number lock code that was provided to them, as described above, once they have joined.

Facilities and Fitness Equipment:

The FC shares the Clubhouse Pool shower and bathroom facilities. To accommodate year-round exercising, the Fitness Center has two air conditioners and heaters. A level of security is achieved with surveillance cameras both inside and outside the FC, and periodic checks throughout the hours-of-operation by the LOW Security staff. There is an emergency telephone that automatically connects members directly to Security, to report emergency and unsafe situations. For everyone's safety and proper use of the facility, there are rules and regulations posted at the Fitness Center that members agree to abide by when they join. They are posted on the outside door at the Fitness Center, and also inside the FC.

For aerobic exercising, there are several pieces of equipment, including four treadmills, four elliptical cross trainer machines, three recumbent bicycles (two pictured). Newer aerobic equipment includes, two new cardio trainer treadmills with five built-in aerobic workout programs, and three recumbent bicycles with aerobic workout programs, and heart rate monitoring. Eight of the eleven pieces of aerobic exercise machines were replaced, and are owned by LOWA. 

To do weight training and toning exercises, there are several cable/cylinder controlled weight machines, numerous dumbbells and free weights, and three movable/adjustable exercise benches. Exercise machines for weight training and toning includes, a Smith Machine that affords unassisted chest and military press workouts, a Cable Crossover Machine for exercising most muscle groups, a Linear Leg Press Machine for light to heavy leg workouts, an Abductor and Adductor Machine for exercising the legs and hips, and an Abdominal and Back Machine, to work toward developing ones core, and a stronger back. There are two leg-up stations and a roman chair, which provides additional ways to do back and abdominal workouts. Also, there are five cable-controlled machine stations that provide additional ways to do upper chest/shoulders/arms, pectorals, upper back, and rear shoulder, lats and back, biceps, and quads and hamstrings workouts, barbell and free weight stations chest/shoulder workouts, one preacher curl station with curling bar for doing free weight bicep workouts, and racks of dumbbells for doing other types of free weight workouts.   

Free equipment orientation by professional trainers, Jennifer Zukowski at 540-395-4816.

Fitness Center Maintenance:

From early in 2007, until late in 2010, FC member Dan Greene volunteered his time and expertise in maintaining and managing the Fitness Center’s equipment and space with LOWA Maintenance, and the appropriate fitness equipment vendors, while also promoting the FC on Channel 18. Currently all FC fitness equipment and building maintenance are the responsibility of the General Manager and LOWA Maintenance.

Also, during those four years, Dan and helper FC member Chuck Russell, have installed mirrors, a board for straightening one's back or doing leg squats, and a dressing stall in the ladies restroom. The Greene’s have also donated a weight scale, while other community FC members have volunteered their time, and some other FC members have donated professional grade fitness equipment to improve and enhance the FC.

These volunteer efforts and fitness equipment improvements have made the LOWA Fitness Center a very successful amenity, resulting in a membership of 369 members for fiscal year 2008, over 500 members for fiscal year 2009, and over 600 members for fiscal year 2010.


Upon entry at the front gate, go straight through the intersection on Lake of the Woods Parkway, and park in the left most part of the Clubhouse’s upper parking lot area. The LOWA Fitness Center and its entrance door are located across from the basketball court.

Fee Schedule:

Please refer to the annual Fee Schedule for information about the current FC fee.

Fitness Committee:

In January of 2010, five FC members formally requested that the LOWA BOD approve a new committee, with responsibility for the FC. In June of 2010, the LOWA BOD passed unanimously, a motion to establish the Fitness Committee, as a new standing committee with seven voting members, and asked them to create the Fitness Committee Charter. They unanimously approved this charter, via a motion, on July 21, 2010.

LOW Community members are always welcome to join the FC and/or the Fitness Committee, and/or to attend Fitness Committee monthly meetings, which are held the first Wednesday of every month, at 7pm in the Holcomb Building Conference Room. FC members should attend these meetings, if they want to discuss their ideas, suggestions and concerns about the FC, with the committee members and a BOD liaison.

The Fitness Committee reports to the LOWA BOD and its overall mission is to foster an environment where members can safely exercise, either aerobically or using up-to-date exercise equipment and weights, to maintain or improve their fitness levels. Their responsibilities are:

A. Provide the LOWA BOD and General Manager current fitness industry information about fitness equipment and best fitness practices.

B. Advise and assist the LOWA BOD and the GM on how to achieve a safe, secure, and non-intimidating fitness environment where current and future LOW community members can achieve their fitness goals.

C. Monitor Fitness Center activity, i.e. attendance per day and equipment being used, to provide and report on membership and equipment usage.

D. Inspect equipment and the facilities weekly. Problems or potential problems will be reported to the General Manager.

E. Provide justified proposals, concepts and insights to the LOWA BOD and GM for maintaining or improving walking/jogging paths and the Fitness Center in a financially sound, cost effective manner that reflects the growth and demographics of our community.

F.  The Committee will support the General Manager in preparing the annual budget and Five Year Plan for the Fitness Center.


Fitness includes the Walking Trails in LOW too. Check them out here!

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